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Timing is Everything

Consumers today looking for insurance are using the internet to do their own comparison shopping before they buy or even talk to an agent. The phrase “If you’re not first, you’re last” may not be entirely accurate when it comes to internet leads, but there is still truth in the saying. Being the first to contact the lead can drastically increase your chances of making the sale.

Best the first one to make contact.
You’re definitely not the only agent or agency out there, but you can be the first one to call. It’s vital that you keep watch of your inbox and are prepared to call leads immediately as they come in. Even the best leads in the world can go bad if you don’t have a set follow-up process in place. As a rule of thumb, try to personally call each internet lead within 1 hour of receiving (obviously the quicker, the better). That way, you can determine their needs up front and whether or not you can continue the sales process further.

Speed counts.
pzone-stopwatch-post According to Forbes, the odds of contacting a lead if called in 5 minutes are 100 times higher versus 30 minutes. Your potential clients want to feel like their business is your top priority. Will they get that feeling from an email sent days after their request for information? Your virtual customers are most likely expecting a response at internet speeds. Try to make contacting all prospects in 12 hours your goal.

Added bonus:
Enroll in an online marketing program that instantly delivers leads to your inbox when a quote is requested. You can touch the prospect while they are still on your site, looking at your information. This sets the stage for an online, over the phone sale – no appointment necessary.