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Six Strategies To Increase Closing Percentage

You know your sales are out there. You’ve been using the internet to cultivate fresh, new insurance leads and now your inbox is filling up with prospects, but are you seeing the extra profits come in with those extra leads?

If you aren’t closing those leads, it may be time to upgrade your sales process and maximize your lead closing percentages by taking your sales pitch to the next level. In the upcoming weeks we will cover these six strategies that top producers use to hit their sales goals week after week:

  • Make Sure Leads Know Who You are First
  • Perfect Your “Pitch”
  • Add Value to Your Communications
  • Customize Your Pitch for All Prospect Types
  • Use Technology to Speed Up Sales
  • Create a Virtual Office

There’s always Room for Improvement

The Internet is a rapidly growing source of interested prospects shopping for coverage, offering a wealth of potential profit just waiting to be seized. In order to effectively maintain and close leads (before your competition does), you must streamline your sales process. This includes reaching leads first, demonstrating a clear value proposition, tailoring your approach to each lead, making the most of available technology and tools and making yourself accessible at all times.

As you call, sell and close your Internet health insurance leads, always critique yourself and ask what you could do better next time. Evaluate and measure which techniques work and which do not – then continually adjust your approach until you’ve got a tried and true, winning process that delivers you top sales numbers.