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All over the state of Wyoming, there are interested prospects looking to buy insurance. But how do you find them?

You could spend a fortune on an advertising campaign. Or you could go with that old stand-by, direct mail. But these traditional methods will take a big bite out of your budget… and they’ll give you limited results, at best.

Instead of relying on old, won-out methods to drum up your next round of commission checks, try buying Wyoming insurance leads from ProspectZone.

Why Buy Insurance Leads From ProspectZone?

Sure, there are plenty of companies that sell Wyoming insurance leads. But none of them can offer you the same promises as ProspectZone.

What sets ProspectZone apart?

It starts with how we generate our leads. We don’t settle for vaguely interested web surfers who get tricked into filling out online forms. If all you cared about was names and phone numbers, you would just open a phone book and start calling. To really bring in the commissions, you need to focus on the leads that have interest.

ProspectZone leads are never incentivized with offers for free giveaways or contests. Every lead that comes down your pipeline is a real person with real interest in hearing your offer.

And we don’t just give you leads — we give you the tools to work them. Every ProspectZone account comes with our lead management system — free. With this secure online system, data entry becomes a thing of the past. And you can use its robust reporting tools to sort your leads, track campaigns, and schedule follow-ups. You can put a spotlight directly on your most profitable marketing efforts — and say good-bye to working leads in the dark.

And ProspectZone isn’t one of those fly-by-night lead companies that hold your money hostage. Every one of our insurance leads is backed by a 10-day return policy. So if a bad lead does slip through, you’ll get credit for it. Because you shouldn’t have to pay for someone else’s bad information.

Want to find out for yourself how Wyoming insurance leads can give your agency a shot in the arm, and help you bring in even bigger commission checks? Talk to our Lead Specialists today.