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Insurance agents everywhere have turned to the internet to increase their sales. But many of them have gotten mixed results. Why? Because they’ve partnered with big-talking lead companies that over-promise and under-deliver on the quality of their leads.

ProspectZone is a different kind of lead company. We sell Wisconsin insurance leads that are real people, with real interest — in real-time.

A lot of companies will tell you that they sell insurance leads. But what they’re really selling are just stale names and numbers that have been scraped out of dusty old databases. Or they might run those annoying pop-up ads you see littering the internet, offering free iPods or weekend getaways. Some unsuspecting surfer fills in their information, and the next thing they know they’re being called by insurance agents from all over the country. By the time you get them on the phone, they’re understandably frustrated… and they certainly don’t want to hear about insurance.

What Makes Wisconsin Insurance Leads From ProspectZone Different

ProspectZone leads are a cut above the rest. What makes them better?

  • Real people. Our leads aren’t people using fake names and numbers to try and win contests. They’re real people who find our lead-generation sites online while their researching their insurance options.
  • Real interest. Our lead-generation sites make people one offer: free insurance quotes. We never incentivize our leads — no special discounts, no free trips to the Bahamas, no gift certificates to restaurants. That means that the people you get connected with are genuinely interested in hearing your offer.
  • Real time. Our leads don’t gather dust in a database before we send them on to you. All our leads are sent in real time — when a lead enters our system, you get it in 3 seconds. So you can get them on the phone while their interest is still high.

Want to find out more about our Wisconsin insurance lead programs? Talk to one of our Lead Specialists today.

ProspectZone is a member of the National Association of Health Underwriters. For more information, visit the Wisconsin chapter.