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You could sign over a big chunk of your marketing budget to some fly-by-night lead company that takes your money and vanishes. Or you could partner with ProspectZone — one of the nation’s largest distributors of online insurance leads.

Our custom program can set you up with a steady supply of West Virginia insurance leads — giving you more prospects in your pipeline and more commissions in your pocket. Our insurance lead program brings you real people with real interest. And you get it delivered right to your computer in real time.

Qualified West Virginia Insurance Lead Programs

We know how the other lead companies operate — they take your money, dump a bunch of stale leads in your lap, and then vanish into thin air when you ask for credit.

ProspectZone doesn’t work like that. When you partner with us for West Virginia insurance leads, you only get qualified leads that are ready to hear your offer.

Of course, every company will say their leads are qualified… and that can mean some very different things. Here’s how we define it:

  • Real people. No fake names. No bad phone numbers. Just information about people who want to be connected with an insurance agent.
  • Real interest. We never incentivize our leads. Our online campaigns only make one offer: free quotes from professional insurance agents. That means the leads you get are people who want to hear your offer.
  • Real time. Day old leads don’t you much good. Week old leads are just worthless. A lot of companies have no problem passing off these kinds of leads at premium prices. But when you work with ProspectZone, you get leads sent to you in real time. When a West Virginia insurance lead enters our system, you get it within 3 seconds.

Want to learn more about how ProspectZone can give you a fresh batch of West Virginia insurance leads? Contact our Lead Specialists now.