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The internet was supposed to make things easier for insurance agents, right? Instead of blowing your budget on a Yellow Pages ad or a pricey direct mail campaign, you could partner with an online lead company and get interested prospects sent right to you.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way for many agents. Too many of those lead companies turned out to be frauds dealing in bogus info. And now agents are wondering if they should just go back to those old-fashioned — and expensive — strategies.

But there’s still one lead company you can turn to for qualified Washington insurance leads: ProspectZone.

Why Washington Insurance Leads From ProspectZone Are Different

ProspectZone doesn’t just sell names and phone numbers. We connect you with people who have genuine interest in hearing your offer. And we help close more of those leads, with our insurance software solutions.

When you partner with ProspectZone, you get:

  • Leads with real interest. A lot of companies are content to trick people into filling in forms, thinking they’re entering a contest or sweepstakes. When you call these “leads,” they have no idea how you got their number — and they don’t want to hear your offer. We never incentivize our leads. Everyone who enters our system is someone who wants to get connected with an insurance agent.
  • Leads sent in real time. To have an honest shot at closing internet leads, you need to get them on the phone fast. Calling a lead a week after they asked for a quote isn’t going to land you many commissions. That’s why when a lead enters our system, it gets sent to you in 3 seconds.
  • Tools to help you close. When you partner with ProspectZone, you get our free lead management system. Use this system to sort your leads, schedule follow-ups, and track your campaigns. Incoming leads are imported automatically, making tedious data entry history.

Want to find out more about our Washington insurance lead programs? Talk to a Lead Specialist today.

ProspectZone is a member of the National Association of Health Underwriters. For more information, visit the Washington chapter.