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It’s a familiar complaint from insurance agents: its always getting harder to find quality leads. Sure, there are plenty of online insurance lead companies to choose from — but most of them are only selling oversold and under-qualified leads that don’t close.

ProspectZone is changing the rules of online lead generation. We provide agents with qualified, real-time leads that have real interest in learning about their insurance options. Our Vermont insurance leads connect you with prospects that you can actually close.

What Sets Our Insurance Leads Above The Rest

There’s no shortage of online lead companies. But most agents will tell you that there is a shortage of qualified leads. Most of those online companies only sell stale leads. And most of those stale leads aren’t interested in talking to an insurance agent, anyway.

So what makes ProspectZone better than the competition?

  • Real-time leads. The internet has made communication fast. So why settle for stale leads? When you work with ProspectZone, you get leads 3 seconds after they enter our system. That means you can get them on the phone while their interest is at its peak — often while they’re still online.
  • Never Oversold. You don’t want to compete to sell a policy with every insurance agent in the state. So why work with a company that sells their leads 20 times or more? ProspectZone insurance leads are never sold to more than 5 agents — and on average, they’re only sold 1.98 times.
  • An industry-leading return policy. Some companies expect you to pay for bogus leads. Not ProspectZone. All our leads are backed by a 10 day return policy.

Want to get started with your own Vermont insurance lead program? Talk to our Lead Specialists.