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There’s no shortage of qualified insurance prospects in Texas. But there is a shortage of companies you can trust to connect you with those prospects.

The trouble is, most lead companies are only looking to make a quick dollar. These companies don’t care about providing you with qualified insurance leads— they only care about making a quick dollar off of unsuspecting agents.

ProspectZone does things differently. We connect you with prospects who are interested in hearing your offer. We send our leads in real-time. And we never expect you to pay for bogus leads.

Insurance Leads With An Advantage

When you buy insurance leads, you need more than just names and phone numbers. You need to get connected with prospects that have genuine interest in hearing your offer. That’s why ProspectZone insurance leads are:

  • Never incentivized. We neveruse shady tactics to trick people into filling out our online quote forms. Every lead we send to you is someone who has asked to be connected with a Texas insurance agent.
  • Never oversold. If you’ve bought leads before, this has probably happened to you: you call a lead as soon as it comes in, and they tell you they’ve been getting calls from agents all week. Not only are you competing with every other agent in town, but you don’t have a chance of even getting the prospect to listen your offer. ProspectZone leads are never sold to more than 5 agents — and on average, they’re only sold 1.98 times.
  • Backed by the industry’s most generous return policy. Sometimes bad leads slip through our system. That doesn’t mean you should have to pay for them. All our leads are backed by a 10-day return policy. So if you get a bad lead, you’ll get credit for it.

Want to find out more about how our Texas insurance leads can help grow your profits? Contact our Lead Specialists today.

ProspectZone is a member of the National Association of Health Underwriters. For more information or to find your local chapter, visit the Texas Association of Health Underwriters.