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For too many agents, buying online insurance leads goes something like this: you try out a lead company, find out their leads are junk, try to get credit for your bad leads — and can’t get anyone to answer your calls.

At ProspectZone, we don’t think agents should have to put up with this. We’ve worked hard to create an online lead program that agents can trust. And we offer Tennessee insurance leads that connect agents with interested prospects — and help increase commissions.

Insurance Leads Should Be More Than Names And Phone Numbers

A lot of insurance lead companies seem to think that a “lead” is just a name and phone number. If that were the case, all you’d have to do to “work leads” is open up the phone book. Agents who’ve spent time in the trenches making cold calls can tell how uninterested these “leads” are — and how unprofitable it is to work them.

At ProspectZone, we know a lead is more than just a phone number. It’s a person with real interest in hearing your offer. That’s why we make sure every insurance lead we sell is:

  • Genuinely interested. We never use sneaky tactics to trick people into submitting their information. We don’t incentivize our leads with promises of free prizes or special discounts. We simply offer to connect people interested in insurance with agents who can help them. That means when you get a lead, you’re getting someone ready to listen to your offer.
  • Sent in real time. Stale leads don’t do you any good. That’s why we send you leads in real time. You get connected with prospects while their interest is at its highest, giving you a better shot at making a sale.
  • Backed by an industry-leading return policy. We work hard to bring you nothing but qualified leads with accurate info. And if a bad lead does slip through, we don’t expect you to pay for it. All our leads are backed by a 10-day return policy. So if you do get a bad lead, we’ll give you credit for it.

Want to find out more about our Tennessee insurance lead programs? Contact our team of Lead Specialists today.

ProspectZone is a member of the National Association of Health Underwriters. For more information, visit the Tennessee Association of Health Underwriters.