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Given up completely on insurance lead companies? Think they’re all full of the same hype and selling the same terrible leads? It’s time to try a different breed of lead company. Meet ProspectZone.

At ProspectZone we’ve hit on a smarter formula for generating your leads. The result is a consistent, high-quality insurance lead program.

Your Source For South Dakota Insurance Leads

Trusted by top producers and the choice for leading carriers nationwide, we promise our lead quality will help you place more business. See why ProspectZone is a smart choice for South Dakota insurance leads.

  • Real People. Some lead companies sound legitimate at first, but they’re just talking big to cover up their one-man, fly-by-night operation. We’ve got over 4 successful years in the insurance lead business, and are the largest provider of health insurance leads on the Web. We’re in this for the long haul, and look forward to a long, successful partnership with your agency.
  • Never Oversold. No matter how good a lead was originally, you’ve got no chance to close it when you’re the 14th agent to get them on the phone. We don’t sell you “beat up”, overcalled leads. On average, leads are only shared 1.98 times. Even in fiercely competitive states, leads can only be sold to 4 other agents, max.
  • Tools For Success. Successful agents use internet leads and insurance marketing tools to lock in the best closing ratios. ProspectZone has an entire suite of time-saving tools that help you quote faster, reduce admin busywork and save you thousands of dollars in labor, postage and advertising costs.

Ready to try South Dakota insurance leads? Contact a Lead Specialist to learn more.