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What if you could have qualified insurance prospects delivered right to you? Better yet, what if you could find an online lead company that actually keeps it word?

ProspectZone is changing how the online insurance lead industry does business. We’re not content to sell “mostly-qualified” leads. We don’t make excuses for stale leads. And we don’t sell you junk leads with bogus info — and then avoid your calls when you come looking for credit.

If you’re looking for South Carolina insurance leads that actually close, try ProspectZone. We sell qualified, interested leads — delivered in real-time. And we back every lead with an industry-leading 10-day return policy.

The ProspectZone Insurance Lead Advantage

Online insurance leads are not just names, addresses, and phone numbers. They’re information about people with genuine interest in hearing from an insurance agent. If more lead companies understood this, there’d be a lot more happy agents out there.

ProspectZone does understand this. That’s why we make sure every lead is:

  • Qualified and interested. That means no sneaky tricks to fool people into submitting their information. When someone enters our lead system, it’s because they’ve asked to be connected to an insurance agent.
  • Sent in real time. There’s nothing worse than a stale lead. If you’re going to get an honest chance at making a sale, you need to get in front of a lead while their interest is at its peak. ProspectZone leads are delivered to you 3 seconds after they enter our system.
  • Backed by a generous return policy. We do everything we can to keep bad leads out of our system. But if one does get through, you don’t have to pay for it. Every lead is backed by a 10-day return policy.

Want to find out how ProspectZone can give you a steady supply of South Carolina insurance leads? Talk to our Lead Specialists today.

We are a member of the National Association of Health Underwriters. To see more information about NAHU or to find your local chapter, visit the South Carolina chapter.