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Had enough of those lead companies that talk a good game, but are lousy at honoring their promises to you?

There’s a better way to keep your pipeline full of quality leads. Meet ProspectZone. We’re not your average lead company. Our insurance lead programs are setting new standards for quality, and are used by everyone from one-person shops, to 200-person agencies, to the country’s top carriers.

We say what we mean, and deliver on our promises.

Your Source For Pennsylvania Insurance Leads

What makes ProspectZone so special? Here are a few of the ways we’re exceeding expectations.

  • Real Interest.
    It’s hard enough to sell insurance. So who needs leads that can’t remember ever asking for insurance info? Some companies pawn off leads who’ve never expressed interest in buying insurance. ProspectZone doesn’t “incentivize” leads with sweepstakes, prizes or offers for romantic getaways for two. Our leads have responded to our high-profile internet marketing campaigns that targets serious insurance shoppers. Your lead has requested Pennsylvania insurance quotes — or it wouldn’t be sent to you.
  • Real-Time.
    A fast response to new leads earns you more policies. So you need to be able to get leads in your hands while interest is still hot. ProspectZone leads are issued in real-time, so you know you’ve always got a decent shot at them.
  • Commissions Are Yours.
    Some companies skim profits off of your leads. They’re running an agency in the back end, and expect a share of your commissions. ProspectZone is not an insurance agency. We just provide you with quality leads. If you close them, you keep every last penny of commissions.

Ready to try Pennsylvania insurance leads? Talk to a Lead Specialist today to learn more about how internet leads can improve sales for your agency.

ProspectZone is a member of the National Association of Health Underwriters. For more information or to find your local chapter, visit the Pennsylvania Association of Health Underwriters.