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Is “trial and error” really the best way to find a lead company? It’s the method a lot of agents use… and they lose a lot of money doing it. We think you should know who you’re dealing with before you hand over your credit card. That’s why we’re up front about our services right from the start.

Your Source For Oregon Insurance Leads

At ProspectZone we want you to know what we’re about. We think the best way to start a long-term partnership off on the right foot is to give you all the details of our insurance lead programs.

  • Real Interest.
    Too many companies are passing off bored, “incentivized” leads who aren’t even thinking about insurance to unsuspecting agents. You end up with a lot of worthless contact information, and zero policies written.

    ProspectZone leads come from our highly targeted internet marketing campaigns and award-winning websites. They’ve gone online to actually request quotes from Oregon insurance agents — or we wouldn’t be sending them on to you.
  • Real-Time.
    You’ve got the best shot at writing a policy when you can contact a lead right after they’ve requested an online quote. Our leads are always delivered to your email inbox in real-time. Need proof? Just check out the timestamp in the corner of every single one that shows EXACTLY when the lead entered our system.
  • Real People.
    We’re not a small-time, faceless operation. We’re real people, here to provide you with leads and quality service. It’s why top 10 producers and the country’s leading insurance carriers trust ProspectZone to supply them leads.

Ready to try Oregon insurance leads? Contact a Lead Specialist today and we’ll help you build your own program.

We are a member of the National Association of Health Underwriters. For more information, visit the Oregon chapter.