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You’ve had it with lead companies that make big promises and then seriously under-deliver. So are we. That’s why we’re introducing a different kind of lead program. One that consistently delivers quality leads. And when we make promises, we do something radically different in this industry. We stand by them.

Your Source For North Dakota Insurance Leads

What are we doing that’s so new? Check it out for yourself:

  • Real Interest
    Part of the problem with most leads is they really don’t care about getting an insurance policy. They have zero interest when you call. So how did you end up in touch with them? It’s because shady lead companies don’t care whether the leads you buy from them are truly qualified. At ProspectZone, our online campaigns are highly targeted to attract the most interested shoppers on the internet. When you get a lead, you know they’ve actually requested quotes from North Dakota insurance agents.
  • Real People
    We’re not a nameless, faceless company. We have over 4 years experience in the lead generation industry, and provide leads to some of the nation’s largest carriers. We’re not going anywhere.
  • Tools For Success
    Most companies give you leads and then walk away. We want you to see the best results possible from our leads, so we offer insurance marketing tools to help you get in front of more people and write more policies, faster.
  • Generous Return Policy
    We know our leads are quality. But because we generate so many a day, the occasional invalid lead does sneak through. When it does, you have 10 days to apply for a replacement credit. It’s one of the most generous return windows on the Web.

Ready to try North Dakota insurance leads? Contact a Lead Specialist to learn why ProspectZone leads help you succeed.