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More agents are turning to internet leads. Why? Because the cost per lead is low and the return is often higher than traditional marketing methods.

At ProspectZone we want to work with you to create the lead program that best fits your business, and best ensures your success.

Customize Your New Mexico Insurance Lead Program

You need more than a “one-size-fits-all” lead program. That’s why we offer several different ways to customize your New Mexico insurance lead program.

  • Choose Your Insurance Line
    We offer several types of insurance leads for you to choose from. Whether you choose to work health, life, group or uninsurables, all our leads come backed up by our 6 promises for quality.
  • Add Filters
    Our custom filtering software lets you target leads even further. Start with geographic filtering — work leads nationwide, or focus your efforts on the New Mexico level. Other optional filters let you identify your ideal lead profile, including number of dependents, age, and more.
  • Manage Your Account
    Each ProspectZone account is equipped with a free lead management system. You can easily control your lead volume by adjusting your maximum daily and weekly lead settings. Add funds to your account, and use detailed reporting features to keep an eye on your ROI.
  • Discounted Leads
    Need a large volume of leads to keep your shop running smooth? We also offer volume discounts for bulk buyers. If you’re training agents, you need a lower cost per lead while they get up to speed. Check out our aged leads programs for an affordable way to train rookies.

Ready to try New Mexico insurance leads? Contact a Lead Specialist to learn more about getting your own custom-built program.

ProspectZone is a member of the National Association of Health Underwriters. For more information, visit the New Mexico chapter.