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Sick and tired of all the run-around you get from most internet lead companies? Sometimes it seems like they care more about making a buck than living up to their word.

Meet ProspectZone. We want to earn your trust and your repeat business. And we know the best way to do that is to honor our promises to you — and always deliver the high-quality New Jersey insurance leads you expect.

Your Source For New Jersey Insurance Leads

Can a lead company really be all that different? See for yourself.

  • Real Interest.
    You don’t want a lead who’s more interested in winning a free iPod than they are getting an insurance policy. But that’s exactly the kind of unqualified lead some companies are happy to sell you. At ProspectZone, our online campaigns are targeted to prospects with real interest. You only get their info if they match your criteria AND they have requested an insurance quote. Plus, you get that info in real-time.
  • Targeted.
    Ready to work New Jersey? You can get leads from all over the state. Geography is just one of the custom-filters available to you.
  • Never Oversold.
    An oversold lead is impossible to close. When a lead has been passed around a dozen times, you’re not getting your fair shot. Our leads are never oversold. On average, each lead is only shared 1.98 times.
  • Available Nationwide And In Large Volume.
    Looking to take your agency out of just New Jersey? We produce leads in every state, letting you market nationwide. And when you order a large volume, you qualify for our special discounts for bulk buyers.

Ready to try New Jersey insurance leads? Get in touch with a Lead Specialist to learn how leads can make your agency more profitable.

ProspectZone is a member of the National Association of Health Underwriters. See the New Jersey chapter for more information.