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Are you hearing so many promises from lead companies that it’s all starting to sound the same? That’s because a lot of companies are spouting the same old tired hype, and then giving you the same old tired leads.

Looking for a lead company you can really trust for quality? Try ProspectZone.

Your Source For Nebraska Insurance Leads

We’re not full of the hot air you get from most companies. We back up each and every one of our promises to you. Here are just a few of the ways we really stand apart.

  • Interested leads.
    Our leads are all generated online, and all have actively requested insurance quotes. We never “bribe” people with giveaways and free coupons to get them to enter their info. You can count on getting in touch with people who really want to discuss their options with a real live agent.
  • Targeted.
    Looking to work more of Nebraska, or grow your market nationwide? You can do either with filtered leads from ProspectZone. Choose the geographical territory you’d like your leads from, and target your criteria even further with optional filters.
  • 10-day return policy.
    Our lead quality speaks for itself. But we know that occasionally an invalid lead could end up being sent your way. If that happens, you have 10 full days to return it to us for credit.
  • Never oversold.
    It’s easy to make some fast cash by overselling leads to tons of agents. But that’s no way to keep a loyal customer. At ProspectZone, our leads are only shared on average 1.98 times. Even in competitive states, you’ll never go up against more than 4 agents for a lead.

Ready to try Nebraska insurance leads? Contact a Lead Specialist today.

ProspectZone is a member of the National Association of Health Underwriters. See the Nebraska chapter for more information.