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A lot of lead companies don’t keep their word. They’re too busy trying to make a fast buck to invest the time and energy it takes to consistently produce the quality leads you need to succeed.

We do things differently here at ProspectZone.

Your Source For Missouri Insurance Leads

At ProspectZone we stand by our promises to you, As a result, you can expect the leads and service you get from us to exceed your expectations.

  • Custom-filtered.
    An Iowa lead is no good when your territory is limited to Missouri. All our leads start with geographic filtering. We also offer other custom-filters to help you zero in on your ideal market. Optional filters include, age, number of dependents and more.
  • Real-time.
    Some companies keep leads rotting in their database before they actually sell them to you. Why pay real-time prices just to get these stale leads? We know that you have the best chance at winning a lead’s attention by being the first agent to get hold of them. That’s why all our leads are sent in real-time, and timestamped to prove it.
  • 10-day return policy.
    We do our best to keep our lead quality high. But if a bogus lead makes it way to your account, we don’t think you should pay for it. Our 10-day return policy is one of the longest in the industry.
  • Online lead management.
    Some companies hold your account hostage. You have to talk to a rep every time you want to make a change, and they’re impossible to get hold of. We give you online lead management tools that put your leads and your account in your hands.

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