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Wonder what it takes to become a top producer? Many agents swear by this combination: internet leads and agency automation technology. It’s what’s taken them to the top, and now ProspectZone wants to help you reach those same heights.

Your Source For Maryland Insurance Leads

For thousands of people, the search for insurance starts online. That’s why we run daily internet marketing campaigns. We combine aggressive search engine marketing with email and affiliate marketing. The goal is to drive these qualified prospects to our award-winning websites, where they request insurance quotes.

While we have many custom filters to choose from, all leads start with geographic filtering. That means if you want Maryland leads state-wide, or just in a few select counties, you got it. And if you want to grow your agency even more, you can choose from our full line of nationwide leads.

No matter what kind of leads you choose, all are sent to you in real-time, when the prospect is most eager to hear from you.

Tools For Success
Now that you’re content with your flow of leads, it’s time to make the rest of your operation more efficient. Insurance marketing tools make it happen.

  • Agents are saving over 4 hours a day, just by using an individual health quote engine. With all your carriers’ plans and rates built right in, it only takes 60 seconds to whip up a comprehensive quote.
  • Any agent who opens an account with ProspectZone gets their own lead management system, free. BrokerOffice lets you create more detailed proposals, complete with carrier brochures and links to online apply. Turnaround time is dramatically reduced. Plus, you can use this CRM tool to manage all your leads from different sources. Run reports, lock in follow-up appointments and reminders, and sort leads with ease.

Ready to try Maryland insurance leads? Contact a Lead Specialist to start your own Maryland lead program.

ProspectZone is a member of the National Association of Health Underwriters. For more information, visit your local Maryland Association of Health Underwriters.