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What’s holding you back from achieving the growth you want for your agency? Is it because prospecting eats up too much of your valuable time? Or are you swamped with the day-to-day admin tasks of running your own agency?

There is an easier way to sell insurance, and improve your business at the same time. ProspectZone can help.

Your Source For Maine Insurance Leads

It’s not a big secret. It’s just the combination of internet leads and insurance automation tools that’s propelling some agents to the top.

Start with ProspectZone leads. We produce our leads using upfront, quality lead generation methods. That includes a blend of SEM (search engine marketing), email, and choice affiliate marketing partnerships.

We filter leads – so you can choose to work all of Maine, select counties, or start to sell nationwide. You receive our leads in real-time, and every one has our 10-day return policy behind it.

Tools For Success
Once you’ve got a batch of internet leads, you need a more time-efficient way to work them. That’s what insurance agency automation tools are for, and ProspectZone has them.

  • When you open your ProspectZone account, you get access to your own lead management system, totally free. Use this tool to sort your leads, schedule follow ups and manage your account. Your leads are entered in the system automatically, so you don’t have to sweat anymore repetitive data entry.
  • A health quote enginelets you quote your individual leads in just 60-seconds. The easy, side-by-side format makes learning about and choosing a plan easier for your prospects. Our quote engine offers you the choice of over 40 of the nation’s top carriers.

Ready to try Maine insurance leads? Contact a Lead Specialisttoday.