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If you’re like a lot of agents, you’re always on the look out for new strategies for improving your business. The secret to success for many of today’s Top Producers is combining internet leads with agency automation technology.

ProspectZone helps you with both.

Your Source For Kentucky Insurance Leads

Internet leads eliminate the time and expense associated with traditional marketing campaigns. We create and launch the online campaigns. We generate and filter the leads for you. All you have to do is open an account and tell us where in Kentucky you’d like to get your leads from. It’s that easy.

ProspectZone also offers leads nationwide, making it simple to expand from Kentucky to a multi-state operation. And if you order in bulk, you’ll receive our volume discounts.

Tools For Success
You’ve got your supply of Kentucky leads. Now you can turn to ProspectZone for the insurance marketing tools that make it easier to close them.

  • Use the quote engine to run easy-to-read individual health quotes. Now quoting isn’t a long, 30-minute process, but a simple 60-second point-and-click operation. Your leads get their quotes fast, and you look professional and capable of finding them the best plan.
  • An insurance website puts your agency online. Now your leads can visit 24 hours a day – and check out your rates and apply.
  • Your ProspectZone account comes with BrokerOffice, a popular lead management system. What is lead management? It’s automatic data entry. It’s sorting and tracking your leads with the click of a mouse. It’s reporting and scheduling features that let you keep an eye on your profits and your appointments. It’s all yours, free with your lead purchase.

Ready to try Kentucky insurance leads? Contact a Lead Specialist today.