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Looking for new ways to grow your agency? Agents who use internet leads and have embraced insurance technology have found an effective strategy for writing more policies than they ever imagined possible.

When you partner with ProspectZone, you get easy access to both.

Your Source For Kansas Insurance Leads

The first step to better productivity is internet leads. Unlike traditional prospecting, internet leads don’t require any legwork on your part. Just open an account and let them come directly to you.

Now that you have an easy way to get leads into your agency, you need to streamline the way you work them. Insurance marketing tools makes it possible.

Tools For Success
Getting leads delivered to you in real-time is one thing, working them effectively is another.

All ProspectZone accounts are loaded with the lead management system, BrokerOffice, absolutely free. Your lead data is automatically saved there, allowing you to spend time selling, not slaving over data entry. Leads from all your sources can be imported into BrokerOffice. Run reports to find out which source is producing the most policies, and which needs to be cut off immediately. It’s all online, so you can manage your lead account any time you feel like it.

A crucial time-saver for agents is the quote engine. Use it to run individual health quotes on your new leads. Quotes are email-ready, so you can get it into your lead’s hands with just a click of the mouse.

One task you never have enough time for is following up with leads. Email autoresponders do all the work for you. Set them up once and they’ll fire off a campaign of personalized messages to all your new leads.

Ready to try Kansas insurance leads? Contact a Lead Specialist today to discuss your own custom Kansas lead account.