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Your agency is plugging along, but you’re not seeing the growth you would like. ProspectZone helps agents break through barriers to their productivity by providing time-saving internet leads and performance-enhancing insurance technology.

Your Source For Iowa Insurance Leads

You start with a supply of internet leads. We filter them so you can choose to work all of Iowa, or just your local territory. (Don’t forget, the broader your geographic filters, the more leads will be available to you daily.)

After you’ve opened your account, leads will be emailed to you after prospects request an Iowa insurance quote.

Tools For Success
ProspectZone gives you access to popular insurance marketing tools to help you see a better ROI for your internet leads purchase.

  • When a lead comes in, plug its info into the individual health quote engine. What used to take over 25 minutes, now takes 60 seconds. Fire off your multi-carrier quote to leads via email. Then look it over together on your first phone call.
  • All accounts come with BrokerOffice – our free lead management software. All your leads are stored in BrokerOffice automatically, so you never have to waste time with data entry. Use your system to track your leads, run snapshot reports, and set follow-up appointments — complete with reminders.
  • Now you can hand over the busywork of following up with all your leads. Email autoresponders send out personalized messages to each new lead sent to you. Then they send out a complete campaign of follow-up messages on the schedule you specify. Now you’re able to keep the “top of mind” spot, and when leads are interested again in insurance, your message is right there.

Ready to try Iowa insurance leads? Talk to a Lead Specialist today.

ProspectZone is a member of the National Association of Health Underwriters. To find your local chapter, visit the Iowa Association of Health Underwriters.