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The biggest problem with prospecting? Time. It takes time to craft a compelling campaign. There’s the copywriting, designing ads, even stuffing envelopes and making last-minute dashes to the post office. And don’t even get started on the cost.

Is there an easier solution? At ProspectZone, we think so.

Your Source For Illinois Insurance Leads

Why waste all your time prospecting when you could be selling? Internet leads from ProspectZone put interested prospects in your hands, without all that running around. Here’s how it works:

We run daily online marketing campaigns that target interested prospects in the areas you want to work. When a lead requests an insurance quote, we pass their info directly to you.

At ProspectZone, we keep our word. That’s why our leads are always:

  • Filtered.
    What good are Idaho leads when you’re only appointed in Illinois? Our leads are filtered so you can work your ideal sales territory.
  • Never Oversold.
    Some companies go crazy selling leads dozens of times. That kind of competition doesn’t leave you with your ideal close ratios. ProspectZone never oversells your leads.
  • Backed Up.
    Every lead you get is backed up by our 10-day return policy. It’s one of the most generous return policies in the industry, and just another way we promote quality.
  • Available nationwide and in bulk quantities.
    Once agents discover how productive internet leads make them, they’re eager to expand their sales into multiple states. ProspectZone offers leads in all 50 states, and even gives you a discount for bulk orders.

Ready to try Illinois insurance leads? Contact a Lead Specialist today to discuss your own lead program.

ProspectZone is located in Illinois and is a member of the National Association of Health Underwriters. For more information, visit the Illinois Association of Health Underwriters.