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You’ve given internet leads a shot before… and you weren’t thrilled with the results. That’s not surprising, considering there are a lot of lead companies out there selling agents on leads that are oversold and have zero interest in talking about insurance policies.

ProspectZone isn’t like the other lead companies. We promise to put you in touch with qualified Georgia insurance leads, and we live up to our word.

Your Source For Georgia Insurance Leads

You’ve heard a lot of hype about internet leads. Why should you take a chance on a lead company like us?

We don’t “trick” leads. A lot of companies don’t have a problem sending you leads who don’t want anything to do with insurance. That’s why they “incentivize” leads with free giveaways, downloads and coupons. When the lead goes for the offer, they don’t realize they’re submitting a form with a checked off box reading, “I want to find cheaper insurance.” Not exactly a quality lead.

We don’t “trick” our leads. All our leads have requested information about insurance from Georgia agents. So even if they aren’t exactly ready to close, you know you’ll at least have a fair shot.

Not oversold. Some companies are real eager to make a buck, so they sell each lead to a dozen different agents. You never have to worry about oversold leads when you partner with ProspectZone. On average, leads are only sold 1.98 times.

Top-notch return policy. You shouldn’t have to battle with your company to get credit for their lousy leads. But that’s exactly what some make you do. At ProspectZone returning leads is not a hassle. Our 10-day window for returning leads is one of the longest — and most generous — in the industry.

Ready to try Georgia insurance leads? Get in touch with a Lead Specialist.

ProspectZone is a member of the National Association of Health Underwriters. To learn more, visit the Georgia Association of Health Underwriters.