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You’ve tried internet leads before. And you weren’t too impressed. It seems like some companies are better at spouting hype than delivering you the quality Delaware insurance leads you ordered.

ProspectZone is different. We take quality seriously, and we make good on our promises.

Your Source For Delaware Insurance Leads

You’ve heard a lot of big talk from lead companies in the past. Why should you trust us for your internet leads?

  • We don’t incentivize leads. Why are some companies’ leads so bad? It’s like the person was never interested in insurance in the first place. Chances are — they never were. A lot of lead companies run campaigns that offer attractive giveaways like iPods, or free screensavers. They entice leads to sign up, and the form includes a checked box that says something like, “Tell me more about lowering my health insurance costs.” No wonder these people don’t want to talk to you.  

    We never “incentivized” our leads. Each one has expressed interest in getting a quote from Delaware insurance agents.

  • Our leads are not oversold. You know you’ve run into a lousy lead company when all you get is hang ups and frustrated people who swear you’re one of a dozen agents who’ve called them in the last hour. At ProspectZone, we promise to never oversell your leads. If you select our shared Delaware leads, you’ll never be up against more than four other agents. On average each lead is only shared 1.98 times.

  • We stand behind our quality. We generate a large volume of leads. Every now and then a bogus lead will slip through. At some companies, that means you’ve got to eat the cost. At ProspectZone, we help protect your budget with our 10-day return policy.

Ready to try Delaware insurance leads? Talk to a Lead Specialist today.