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Do you dread the days when you know you’ve got a long list of prospects to cold call waiting for you at the office? Or if you stuff another envelope or lick another stamp you’ll scream? You’re not the only. Prospecting is the least favorite part of the job for most insurance agents.

But it doesn’t have to be. ProspectZone puts Connecticut insurance leads in your reach… without having to do all that work.

Your Source For Connecticut Insurance Leads

Now you can look forward to heading to your office, knowing that a fresh batch of leads is on its way. See how our leads make a difference in your day:

The trouble with other kinds of leads is you have to wait so long between when a prospect sees your marketing message and when they actually respond to it. That leaves a whole lot of room for your competition to get in there and sneak the sale away. At ProspectZone, we send you your leads in real-time, the second the lead enters our system and while they are most interested in talking to an agent.

Have you been itching to expand your market to all of Connecticut, but not sure how? Our leads are filtered by geography, allowing you to work parts of the state that were closed off to you before, by driving distance or your marketing budget.

Work perfectly with insurance marketing tools.
And you thought internet leads alone made your job easier? Try insurance marketing tools. They speed up all your time consuming admin processes, and help you get an even better return on investment for your internet leads. 

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