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You’ve tried direct mail… but only one person responded. You bought that big display ad in the Yellow Pages… and now you’re just waiting out your contract and cursing yourself. Being an insurance agent has its perks, but prospecting isn’t one of them.

Looking for an easier, more affordable way to get in front of a steady supply of Colorado insurance leads?

Now you can with internet leads from ProspectZone

How Are These Leads Any Different?

By now you might feel like you know all lead generation strategies that aren’t worth the time or the effort. Why are internet leads any different?

Here are just a few of the ways internet leads are making it easier and more affordable for Colorado agents to get in front of prospects.

  1. There aren’t uninterested leads. Nothing is more frustrating than paying good money for insurance leads who are interested in anything but getting an insurance policy. Internet leads solve the problem because they’re people who are actually searching for insurance information. All ProspectZone leads request an insurance quote. We never incentivize them with giveaways or special offers.
  2. Reliable. With most marketing methods, the number of leads you get and when you get them is completely hit or miss. That makes it difficult to use your time efficiently. Agents who use our leads tell us they’re finally able to establish a routine for working leads. And now they’re more productive than ever before.
  1. Easy. Now you don’t have to spend hours stuffing envelopes and hanging out at the Post Office. These leads show up instantly in your email inbox. It’s the easiest way to get in front of qualified leads.

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