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In a competitive state like California, most agents have tried everything to corner their share of leads. Referrals — time-consuming and unpredictable. Yellow Pages ads — expensive with disappointing results. Direct mail — who has the time to stuff envelopes and dream up a sales letter?

Is there a way to get California insurance leads without all the expense and hassle?

ProspectZone has the answer.

Why Are These California Insurance Leads Different?

Are internet leads really worth your time? Or are they just another disappointing, over-hyped lead generation strategy? See the difference for yourself:

Insurance leads take up none of your time.
That’s because we handle all the prospecting work. We create online campaigns that attract and engage people shopping for insurance. When they fill out one of our online forms to request a quote, we pass their information on directly to you. No more stamp-licking or last minute dashes to the printer’s. The only work you do is grabbing the phone and giving your lead a call.

A resource you can count on.
Traditional marketing often leaves you sitting around waiting for your next lead to come in. Or you could be flooded all at once and have no way to contact them all. When you order leads from us, you choose the number you want. You can even control when you get them — have them sent to you automatically as we receive them, or have them saved up and batched daily or weekly.

Do you need insurance leads for the entire state of California, or a smaller sales territory? We can provide you leads for both. Our lead filters let you target who you want. Just keep in mind the more you narrow the field down with your filters, the fewer leads will be available in your subscription area every day.

Ready to try California insurance leads? Talk to a Lead Specialist today.

California is a member of the National Association of Health Underwriters. Visit the California Association of Health Underwriters for more information and to find your local region’s chapter.