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If you’re like most agents, you’ve tried some kind of “purchased” Arizona insurance leads before… and been disappointed. Maybe it was a mailing list riddled with “return to senders”. Maybe it was a supply of telemarketed leads that didn’t know why you were calling, and had zero interest in insurance. It’s enough to make anyone give up on purchased leads for good.

So why are some Arkansas agents getting apps and writing policies left and right — all from purchased leads?

It’s because they’ve discovered ProspectZone.

Your Source For Arkansas Insurance Leads

At ProspectZone, we understand you’re too busy to mess around with uninterested, bogus leads. That’s why we maintain strict standards for all our lead generation campaigns. Here’s why our leads are different:

Leads are looking for insurance.
Our leads are searching for policies and information online. Often they start their search by typing keywords into search engines like, “Arkansas health insurance.” Our sites are featured at the top of the search engine’s results, so motivated shoppers visit us first. Our leads don’t just fit the right “profile” for someone who could use insurance… they’re actively looking for it.

Leads are filtered and targeted.
We know leads from outside your sales territory are worthless to you. That’s why you can select optional filters to target just the areas of Arkansas you want to work. You can stay local, or if you’d like a steady volume of leads, go statewide. Keep in mind, the more specific filters you use, fewer leads will be available each day.

Generous return policy.
Unlike other lead suppliers, we back up our quality. Our 10-day return policy is one of the most generous in the industry.

Ready to try Arkansas insurance leads? Talk to a Lead Specialist to learn more.

ProspectZone is a member of the National Association of Health Underwriters. For more information, visit the Arkansas chapter, the Arkansas Association of Health Underwriters.