Tips for Closing Uninsurable Leads

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Uninsurable leads are often frustrated with the insurance industry. Faced with rejection by carriers, they’ve turned to the internet to find an alternative solution.

Selling memberships to discount medical programs means you always have something to offer these leads – no matter what their health status is, or how strapped they are for cash.

Discount programs can be a valuable way for your customers to save. But the industry has been dogged for years by phonies taking advantage of desperate situations to make some fast cash. People have been tricked into buying bogus cards posing as real insurance, and now consumer groups are up in arms.

Here are some pointers to sell to uninsurable leads responsibly, intelligently, and profitably:

Start with a reputable company.

When choosing a discount company, make sure it’s a product you can stand behind. Ask how long the company’s been in business, and check to see if any complaints have been filed against them with the Better Business Bureau. See if your carriers have any discount companies or affiliations they recommend.

Make sure leads understand it’s not insurance coverage.

Many people get confused when it comes to insurance, and it’s easy for them to mistake a discount plan for real coverage. Be very clear from the start what a discount program is, and what benefits your lead can expect.

Explore their other options.

Discount plans are perfect to keep in your back pocket and whip out when all other possibilities have run out. But they shouldn’t be the first product you turn to. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to put leads with pre-existing conditions into a high-risk plan. Discuss the benefits of insurance coverage first, and then turn to your discount plan if it’s out of their price range.