Maximizing Your Uninsurable Leads

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When you think "uninsurable", does "waste of time" immediately come to mind? Did you know that uninsurable leads are a growing sales strategy for more and more successful agents?

It’s because they’ve discovered a whole new market with a product to match: discount medical plans.

Why Uninsurable Leads Are Making More Sense For More Agents

  • Compensation. Many compensation programs pay out an average of $200,000 per 1,000 cards sold when selling at the highest benefit level.

  • Easy maintenance. Once you’ve sold the plan, there’s little servicing needed. A lighter workload means a higher return on time invested for your uninsurable leads.

  • Simple product to add. Discount cards are such straightforward products, you’re able to pick them up fast.

A Little Something For Everyone… And More Opportunities For You

Even if you don’t buy uninsurable leads, having a discount medical plan means you have a better percentage of selling something to all your new leads. Discount plans can work for:

  • People who have gaps in their individual plans — including high deductible policyholders.

  • Business owners who can’t afford health insurance for their employees.

What You Need To Know About Discount Medical Plans

Discount plans are not insurance… companies strike up a network of providers who agree to offer discounts on certain services. Members get those discounts at the counter, and that’s it.

You can keep your uninsurable customers satisfied by making it clear that they’re joining a discount program, not getting insurance coverage.

Start by locating a reputable discount card company to partner with. You can give your carrier reps a call to see if they’re affiliated with any programs. Get more tips for responsibly marketing discount medical programs.

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