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To many insurance agents, uninsurable leads are considered a waste of time. At ProspectZone, we see them as hidden profit. If you’ve been turning away insurance leads who don’t qualify for standard health insurance policies, it’s time to rethink your strategy.

Treated correctly, low-cost uninsurable leads are opportunities for fast profit. By offering memberships in discount medical or prescription drug programs, you can turn uninsurable prospects into serious cash. These affordable, low-risk discount programs can often be closed quicker than a health policy.

ProspectZone will provide you with a steady supply of uninsurable leads that you can tap into for more revenue.


About Our Leads

Delivered in Real-Time

Leads are sent to you as soon as they enter our system. And every lead has a timestamp to prove it.

Never Incentivized

We don’t use free offers, music downloads, or any other dirty internet tricks to generate leads. The leads we send you are people who are interested in insurance. Period.

Never Oversold

On average, our leads are shared only 2.93 times. So when you quote a ProspectZone lead, you aren’t competing with every other agent in town.