Tips for Closing Medicare Leads

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Serving the fastest growing health insurance segment- the Baby Boomers – is no longer just an option. With the help of ProspectZone’s high-quality Medicare leads, you can establish a leadership position in this revolutionary market.

The first wave of Baby Boomers reached age 65 in 2011. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, for the next 20 years 74 million Boomers will retire, meaning 10,000 new retirees will be added to the Senior rolls each day. This means you can’t ignore the senior market. Understanding these facts about the senior health insurance market can help you position yourself for success and make the most of your leads.

Online Marketing Now a Necessity

With more and more seniors using the internet to research coverage options and find an insurance agent, you can be ready to guide them to the right plan. ProspectZone uses advanced search engine marketing to generate leads, so you will find that more of your senior prospects are already active online and have educated themselves on their health insurance options –now they’re ready to talk to you.

Focus on Senior Supplement Plans

Top producers have discovered that Senior Supplement plans are the answer to serving the expanding senior market. Senior Supplement plans cover most of the expenses that Senior plans do not, and may lower the out-of-pocket costs many seniors face. Since Senior Supplement plans are provided through private carriers, agents and brokers do not have to worry as much about government cutbacks or interference. And, because of guaranteed acceptance, Senior Supplement underwriting is faster, meaning you get your check faster.

Prepare for Incoming Leads

If you’re worried about how you’ll handle this coming tide of senior health insurance leads, ProspectZone also offers technology designed to help agents generate, manage and stay on top of leads.

With your senior lead purchase, ProspectZone will include a free BrokerOffice lead management system, which allows you to track and guide leads to a faster closing. Ask a lead specialist about our senior quoting engine, which can be embedded into your agent website. With our senior quoting engine, you can slash quoting time to minutes and let your prospects compare plans side-by-side to see which plan best fits their needs.

In order to capture your share of the market, you need the high-quality leads that enable you to immediately connect with active shoppers, and ProspectZone offers the industry’s leading senior health insurance leads to help you. Contact a lead specialist today to learn more about partnering with ProspectZone.