Tips for Closing Life Insurance Leads

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Any agent who’s been in the game long enough can tell you… selling life insurance takes a delicate touch. After all, who wants to think about their own mortality, let alone put a price tag on it?

As a life insurance agent, a big part of your job is helping people see past all that. They need to understand how important it is that the people they love are protected after they’re gone.

Not Just Interested Leads… Educated Leads

We generate our leads through a series of award-winning websites strategically positioned in major search engines. When a prospect looks for “life insurance,” our website pops up in the search results. How do we ensure search engine ranking?

Well, there’s a lot to it. One of the main ways we get our sites positioned is by loading them up with informative content that matches people’s search terms. But we don’t write content just to rank well. We write to inform and educate consumers about their insurance options.

When someone lands on one of our websites, they don’t just find a “menu” of insurance choices. They find insightful content that explains what kind of coverage is available. And they find the reasons that they should buy it.

For consumers, it helps them get a handle on a complicated subject, so they can shop with confidence and move closer to making a purchase. For you, it means that your life leads are more educated about what they need – and why they need it. It makes your job of explaining the importance of coverage that much easier.

Life Insurance Leads That Are A Cut Above The Rest

That’s only one of the reasons agents consistently have success with ProspectZone leads. The quality of our leads is one of our promises to you, and we stand behind it. Find out how you can get even more from your life leads.

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If you’d like to learn more about how ProspectZone can help you increase your life insurance sales, talk with one of our lead specialists. They’ll fill you in on the details of working with ProspectZone leads, and set you up with a lead program tailor-made for your agency.