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It’s no challenge finding people who need life insurance. The real trick is finding someone who is ready to consider purchasing their own policy.

The difference between a lead and an educated lead can make selling life insurance coverage that much easier. By partnering with ProspectZone, you get connected with people who are already versed and interested in life insurance. No more tedious marketing legwork spent convincing your prospects why they should buy. Our lead-generation network attracts over two thousand prospects a day and brings those prospects to you!

About Our Leads

Delivered in Real-Time

Receive leads as soon they enter our system. Every lead includes a timestamp to prove it.

Never Incentivized

We send you leads who are genuinely interested in insurance. No free offers, music downloads or other internet tricks.

Never Oversold

Our leads are only shared an average of 2.93 times so when you quote a lead, you aren’t competing with every other agent in town.