Why Agents Are Choosing Internet Leads

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Direct mail and Yellow Pages ads. Referrals and (shudder) cold calling straight from the phone book. Sure, these methods will produce leads. But it takes a lot of work, a lot of cash, and a lot of time for them to really make a difference in the number of people you write.

Using internet leads is the most effective and exciting strategy that’s come along in years, and it’s shaking up how agents sell. And it’s not just hype – internet leads have agents tearing up their ad contracts and sticking the postage meter in the back of the closet.

Leads are the secret ingredient in the Top Producer’s recipe for getting to the top, and staying there.
Top agents in the country’s most competitive markets have embraced the internet to make sales easier, and to help them grow their agencies at rates they never dreamed were possible. The key component to their success? Replacing outdated and inefficient prospecting techniques with a steady supply of internet leads.

Leads work perfectly with time-saving insurance technology.
Not only are you rescued from the hassle of traditional prospecting, but internet leads work perfectly with the most popular online quoting and insurance marketing tools. Pairing this easy technology with internet leads allows agents to sell 100% online.

Leads put more interested prospects in your hands, faster.
Forget waiting for the phone to ring or worrying about keeping your agents’ pipelines full. Internet leads are delivered to you in real-time, and can be automatically distributed to your sub-agents. You can take a deep breath, knowing you’ll always have a batch of people actively shopping online for insurance coming your way.

Lead Programs To Fit Any Size Agency.
Internet leads aren’t just for big agencies. Because you set your own daily and weekly maximums, you can get just the quantity you need… and add more at any time.

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