What Are “Aged” Insurance Leads?

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We talk a lot about getting leads in real time. So why are agents lining up for slightly older, aged leads?

Aged leads are generated the same way as regular internet leads, and have the same interest in insurance. They just weren’t sold the instant they were generated.

Because they’re a little older, they’re less expensive than the leads we send you in real-time, just seconds after the prospect enters our system.

Aged Leads As Cost-Effective Training Tool

When you train new agents, one of the biggest expenses is bringing them up to speed. That’s why agents with rookies on board are snapping up aged leads. New agents get a fat batch of leads to cut their teeth on, and you don’t have to pay full price.

Not training agents anytime soon? Aged leads let you plow through prospects without denting your budget. Just hook them up to an email autoresponder and walk away. You’ll be marketing to your aged leads automatically. Down the road when they’re ready for insurance, you’ll be right in front of them to scoop up the "new" lead.

How adding email autoresponders works:

When your aged leads come in, they automatically get a personal email from your agency. If you choose to set up individual health quoting, the email includes a fresh quote. When they click on your quote, you get an instant email alert to let you know they’re shopping again.

Autoresponders let you bring aged leads in at a low price, and skip the extra work to stay in front of them.

Interested in aged leads for your agency? Contact a Lead Specialist to learn more about our lead programs or email autoresponders.