Make Nationwide Sales With Internet Leads

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It’s an insurance agent’s bad dream: living in a state where it’s impossible to place writers on people. Watching profits stall because the net you cast only catches prospects within city limits.

It happens all the time. So how come some agents are meeting the challenge head on and making the most sales of their careers, while others are throwing in the towel? It’s because they’ve discovered national internet leads.

Write Policies Nationwide… Without Leaving Home

Companies generate internet insurance leads wherever there’s a demand for insurance. That means a lot of prospects are up for grabs, and they’re great for building your book when your local leads just aren’t enough. Watch your profits climb as you take a successful sales strategy to 5, 15, 40 states – the limit is up to you.

Your sales aren’t chained to the ups and downs of your hometown market. At ProspectZone, our leads come filtered by geography. All you have to do is get appointed with the carriers in the markets you want to work. No matter where they are in the country, all leads are sent to you in real-time, when their interest is hot.

Sounds good… but what if you’re doing appointments to write policies? Internet leads are compatible with easy-to-use agency automation technology. When you can run quotes and shoot out online proposals and applications in minutes, all you need is a phone and a computer to write business.

Working national leads lets you make profits even when things slow down at home. And online insurance technology lets you provide the convenience and service of a neighborhood agent to anyone who needs insurance.

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