Custom-Filter Your Insurance Leads

Don’t settle for plain old insurance leads. Custom filters let you focus your sales efforts on the prospects you want to work. For a small added charge, you can set criteria that bring in only the leads that you can get the most results from.

Filters Bring In The Leads You Want

When you partner with ProspectZone, your leads are sorted by geography. After all, leads from California residents don’t do you any good if you’re only licensed in Texas.

To further refine your sales efforts, you can add the following optional filters to your ProspectZone leads:

  • Age

    Do you specialize in selling LTC? Or maybe you’d like to target people in their early middle age, who are more likely to have their health and a disposable income.

  • Currently insured?

    Currently insured leads can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, they could be tire-kickers – just looking to see if maybe they can get a lower premium. On the other hand, you know that they’re willing and able to pay for insurance – and you know they’re likely to meet underwriting criteria.

  • Uninsurable

    If you sell memberships in discount medical and prescription drug programs, you can see solid returns from uninsurable leads. The lower costs of discount programs make them an easy sell, especially to people who’ve already been turned down for insurance.

  • Number of Family Members

    When you’re selling individual health policies, filtering by family members can turn one lead into multiple sales. By selling a policy to a prospect and their spouse, you get more bang for your lead dollar.

Lead Filters Are Easy To Manage

You can add or remove filters whenever you want using the BrokerOffice lead management system. Just log into your account, click a few buttons, and you’re done.

To learn more, talk to our lead specialists.

Note: Available filters may be subject to cost for all lead types.