What Type Of Insurance Lead Program Is Right For You?

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Agencies don’t all come from the same cookie-cutter mold… so why settle for a one-size-fits-all lead program? Some lead companies treat all agents the same… and you wind up with the wrong kind of leads flooding in at a rate you can’t control.

At ProspectZone we know you’ll see better results with a lead program that’s tailored for your shop. When you work with us, we’ll build your program with these options:

Type of Leads

The most basic question… and also the most important. Want to focus on writing individual health? Does your life business need a little boost? Or maybe you’d like to offer discount medical cards to uninsurables, and have a little something for everyone.

  • Nationwide Leads

    Agents have the choice of sticking to specific counties in their home state, or expanding their market nationwide. Find competitive carriers in any market you want to work, get appointed, and let the leads start coming in.

  • Filtered Leads

    Once you know what kind of leads you want and where you want them from, qualify them even further. Set your ideal lead criteria with optional filters including age, family, and insured status.

  • Shared or Exclusive

    Our shared leads are never sold to more than 5 agents – and on average each one is only shared 2.13 times. Exclusive leads are sold to you alone.

  • Aged Leads

    Slightly older leads come with a lower price tag, and are perfect for training rookie agents.

  • You Control The Volume

    A lead program isn’t just what kind of leads you get… it’s how many you get. When you’re paying per lead, you can’t afford to have someone else in charge of your volume. ProspectZone lets you control your lead account – including your daily, weekly and monthly maximums – from your free online lead management system, 24 hours a day.

Talk to a Lead Specialist to learn about building your own lead program.