Health Insurance Lead Pricing

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Shared Leads $5.00
Exclusive Leads $12.00
Health Leads
Shared $8.00
Exclusive $18.00
Live Transfers $35.00
Senior Leads
Shared $10.00
Exclusive $20.00

Get Started With Internet Leads

When you’re ready to get your first batch of internet insurance leads, there are two ways to start:

  1. Contact us directly at 1-877-561-9663
  2. Fill out our contact form and let us know what type of lead program you’re interested in and a lead specialist will contact you.

Note: These lead prices are averages. Pricing may vary by state or by the demand for leads in those states.

2: Live Transfer lead pricing varies by state, so please call us directly [1-877-561-9663] to get accurate pricing

3: Filters are available and may be subject to cost for all lead types