Maximizing your Health Insurance Leads

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Don’t be one of those agents who junks a batch of leads before they’ve squeezed all the sales they can from them. It’s a sure-fire way to keep your return on investment from reaching its full potential. Here are a few tips for getting the most commissions for your dollar:

  • Be quick to respond to new leads.

    Internet leads are unique because they’re sent in real-time. That means you have a chance at reaching a prospect when they’re really interested in talking about health insurance – if you’re quick to call them. The speedier your response the more likely you’ll be the first agent to reach a lead… and the one that stops them from shopping around. Keep your eye on your email inbox and get ready to call when you spot a new lead.

  • Work the phones.

    No matter how interested they are in a health insurance plan, your leads aren’t always going to pick up the phone when you call. Commit yourself to making several initial phone calls per lead. If one closes on the first or second attempt, that’s great – but you should always budget time for 7 or more calls or follow-up messages.

  • Stop doing follow-up yourself.

    Sometimes people are interested in a policy, but something’s holding them up from writing the check that day. When you’re busy working new leads, you simply don’t have time to follow up with them 2 -3 weeks down the road. And you wind up missing a perfectly good sale.

Some agents have discovered a solution that gives them a better return on their leads. With email autoresponders, they’re automatically firing out personalized messages the instant the lead comes in. And their autoresponder keeps on sending emails to them – complete with updated health insurance quotes – for weeks and months at a time.

Now those health leads you never would’ve had time to contact are getting your messages and proposals, and you get another chance to write them.

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