Uninsurable Lead Call Script

Working uninsurable leads takes a gentler approach. People who come up as “uninsurable” have probably experienced an underwriter’s rejection before. And they’re sensitive to the high costs of their health conditions.

You can win them over by identifying yourself as an understanding professional who’s on their side. Let them know you’re ready to do whatever it takes to put them into a quality high-risk plan, or the best discount card program to take the edge off of costly trips to the doctor. You want them to understand that you’re trying to get them the kind of coverage they need, and that you’re sensitive to their budget.

“Is John Samson available? John, this is Rob Robertson with ABC Health Agency, calling about your recent request for health insurance information online. I’m looking at the information in front of me, and I’d like to help you get affordable coverage to take the sting out of your medical bills. Have you tried getting coverage before?”

Let your lead discuss their past experience. Not only does listening demonstrate your interest in their problems, it helps you determine where to take the conversation next.

Have they shopped for insurance with no luck?

“I’m glad we’ve been introduced, John, because I have a lot of experience helping people just like you make sense of their options. I work with XX popular companies and I’m confident that out of the hundreds of plans and programs I have to work with, we’ll be able to tailor-fit a plan for you.”

They haven’t tried getting insurance on their own before?

“I’m glad we’re talking today, John, because it can be very difficult finding affordable coverage all on your own. I help people like you find the program that works best for them every day. With hundreds of plans and programs from top companies to work with, I’m confident we can easily tailor a plan to fit your needs and budget.”

Remember, it’s important when working with uninsurable leads to present them with all their options, whether it’s high-risk coverage or a discount medical program. If you are placing people into a discount program, be sure to explain that it is not insurance. Keeping your leads well-educated from the beginning protects them from surprises down the road, and helps ensure they’ll stay a satisfied client.

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