Life Insurance Lead Call Script

If you’ve been in the life insurance business for a while, your phone pitch may be geared towards getting an appointment with a lead. That might work well for referrals… but it’s an outdated approach for internet life leads.

These people went online to explore their insurance options. That means they value convenience. Many want to conduct their business directly over the phone, without ever meeting you at all. To meet their expectations — and be the agent to sell them on a policy — your phone pitch needs to communicate the convenience of working with you.

Here’s a sample phone script to give you ideas for working your life leads:

“May I speak to David Lang, please? Hello David, this is Bob Sanders of XYZ Insurance Agency, calling about the life insurance information you recently requested online. I’m looking at the information you submitted here and it seems you’re considering a 30-year policy with a $500,000 benefit, is that correct?”

It’s important to make it clear immediately that you’re following up to an actual request your lead made online. Once they know you’re calling with detailed information for them, they’ll be more receptive to the rest of your pitch.

Now you make the case for the convenience of working with you.

“Is now a good time to talk? … Good. If you’d like, we can go over the details of some popular policies I think will work for you, based on the information in front of me. And many policies can be custom-fit for your needs with the addition of riders, which I can help you select. I know life insurance is a little complicated at first, so please ask away. I’m here to answer all your questions.”

If they’re short for time, you can say,

“I understand, David. Is it okay to send or email you some information to go over at your leisure? Remember, once you’re ready to make a decision I can walk you through the application process right over the phone.”

Instead of trying to schedule a time to show up at their front door, give them some breathing room by simply asking for a follow-up phone call.

“Take your time with the info I send. In case you have questions, is there a good time for me to follow up with you? Is next Thursday good?”

In your closing, remind them how accessible you are.

“Thanks for your time, David. But don’t forget you can call me at any time to discuss your options. Can I give you my phone number in case you need it?”

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