Why Aren’t My Ads Ranked On The Search Engines?

You’ve been experimenting with bidding on state-specific insurance keywords in Google and Yahoo!, hoping insurance shoppers will spot your agency first.

So how come the listings are full of your competitors’ ads, and yours are nowhere in sight?

Pay-Per-Click advertising gets more competitive – and more complicated – every day.

The Basics of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Each search engine handles its paid advertising differently.

For example, Yahoo! bases its paid advertising on price. Getting better ad placement than your competitor just means bidding higher than they do. It sounds easy, but be CAREFUL: competitive bidding can quickly burn through your budget.

Google does things differently. When you set up a pay-per-click account, Google analyzes your page. What are they looking for? In a word, relevance. Search engines are looking to provide their audience with the most relevant results. Google pioneered this approach to search results, and now they’re applying it to their ad listings.

After Google analyzes your page, it gives it a Quality Index Score. Your score is multiplied by your bid, and the result is your Click Score. As of this writing, the higher the score, the higher your ad placement. So having a highly relevant page can mean higher placement and potentially a lower cost per click.

Making Your Website Relevant

If relevance is so crucial to good Google rankings, how do you make sure your agency website has "got" it?

The key is creating quality pages that are useful to the insurance shoppers who click on your ads.

Informative content that answers the common questions prospects have about insurance helps you generate leads, and can possibly raise Google Quality Index Scores. Remember, it takes a lot of quality content to make a significant difference in your rankings.

Some people choose to pay an SEO firm to help improve their rankings. Again, be careful. You can expect to be charged $1,000 – $5,000 monthly fee, and it can take a minimum of 6 – 8 months before you notice any changes in your rankings… let alone the number or quality of leads you get. And before you partner with a company, you MUST speak with their referrals. A company that can’t give you a list of satisfied clients isn’t worth the investment.

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