Top Tricks For Writing Email Subject Lines

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How many emails do you get a day? And how many do you actually open and read?

Your leads are no different. They get dozens of emails a day – and only the most compelling ones are saved from the trash bin.

So how do you convince your leads to pick your email out of the pack? The key is the subject line you choose. A properly crafted subject line engages your prospect and makes your email worth opening. Once it’s open, your sales message can take over and make them take action.

3 Quick Tips For Better Subject Lines… And Improved Open Rates

Follow these guidelines each time you sit down to write a subject line.

  • Get to the point. A lot of the email programs cut off your subject line at 50 characters. This includes spaces! Anything after 50 characters won’t be shown. That makes it crucial for you to be as compelling as possible in as few words as possible. In fact, while 50 characters is the maximum you want to use, many industry experts say using under 35 characters gets the most people to open an email.
  • Introduce yourself. People are more likely to open emails if they recognize who the sender is. Whether you’re sending to new leads or current clients, it could work in your favor to identify yourself in your subject line. A lot of bigger companies put their name in brackets, like this:

    [ABC Agency] Your Insurance Quote

  • Avoid sounding like a "spammer". People are getting better and better at picking out the "spam" emails in their inbox, because these senders use a lot of the same techniques. Avoid the common ones so your lead doesn’t lump you in with the spammers. In general, you should avoid:
    • Overusing punctuation marks like exclamation points, and symbols like dollar signs.
    • Using ALL CAPS
    • Sensational words like, "Free", "Limited Time Only", and "Save Now"

With a little extra effort, you can have attention-grabbing subject lines that get more opens… and put your sales message in front of more leads.

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