Make Your Email Signature Work Overtime

How many emails do you send out in any given week? Do you know that all those emails, even the "forwards" and "replies," are opportunities to include a subtle sales pitch?

Many internet-savvy professionals already use this guerilla marketing tactic of automatically adding a marketing line or ad in each of their emails. It’s easy to set up; and the best part is that it’s free advertising. Here’s how you can take advantage of this feature.

How To Set It Up

Setting up your signature is the easy part, as long as you have a basic understanding of computers. All email programs and providers now allow you to quickly change the "automatic signature" option.

If you use Yahoo! or Hotmail, select the Options drop-down menu to access the signature set up. With Gmail, select the "Settings" link; unfortunately, Gmail doesn’t allow you to put hyperlinks into your signature.

But the best option is to use a desktop-based email manager, such as Outlook. You can use Outlook with Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail and all other online email providers. Unlike those online providers, Outlook provides more options when creating your email signature.

To set up your Outlook signature, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Select the "Tools" drop-down menu at the top.
  2. Select the "Options" line from the "Tools" drop-down menu.
  3. When the "Options" dialog box appears, select the "Mail Format" tab.
  4. Click the "Signatures" button near the bottom of the dialog box.

Another dialog box will pop up. That’s where you’ll be able to edit existing signatures or create new ones.

Outlook allows multiple signatures of various sizes. You can also include banner ads and other hyperlinks into your signature. Note that if you’re using Outlook Express, you should take the time to move up to the full Outlook program.

What to Put In

At the very least, your email signature should provide your basic contact information, including your email and website. Make your website name a hyperlink so that one click on it will send the reader to your site.

But that’s not all you can add to your email signature. You should also include information that can generate more prospects and closings. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Ask for referrals

    Your email recipients probably already know what you do, so don’t waste your time on stating the obvious. Get to the point and ask for a referral in a postscript, such as. "My favorite "thank you" is when you think of me when recommending an insurance agent to friends and family."

  • Make an offer

    If you run monthly or seasonal offers, such as free downloads of handy ebooks, online tools or an instant quote, include the ad in your email-and make sure it links to a landing page. For example, add "Download a complete directory of dentists in your plan!" or "Ready for a Quick Health Insurance Quote?" to your signature; then make it link to the right page.

  • Highlight special programs

    Prepare a web in your site that contains detailed information about a specific program or white paper, then highlight it in your email signature. Again, make sure that the signature links directly to that web page.

  • Build trust with testimonials

    Do you have a short but strong testimonial from a satisfied client? Put it into your signature, then add a line such as "Call me to find out how we can get you to feel the same about your insurance provider!"

Although these are all good tips, you should only pick one to use at a time. Don’t turn your email signature into a newsletter. That’s what your e-newsletter is for. It will also turn off the email recipient. Just pick one at a time and rotate every week or two.

Snail Mail Bonus

Now that you’ve learned how to inject a marketing message in your emails, don’t overlook your regular mail. If you’re still using the post office to send regular correspondences, throw in a little advertising.

Prepare a stack of half-page mini-flyers that you can add to anything you mail out. Then include them in most of your general business correspondences.

For example, are you still paying your utility bills with snail mail? Add one of your mini-flyers. It doesn’t cost much, and since you’ve already paid the postage, why not let it include your advertising.

On their own, re-designed email signatures may not generate an immediate sale; but they plant the seeds for future prospects and clients.

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