Keep Your Email Offer Simple

It’s hard to resist. You’re ready to send an email to drum up sales from your list of insurance leads. Won’t you get the best response if you pack it with all the offers that might interest a prospect?

Well, maybe not. New data shows a simpler approach may earn you the best response.

One Offer At A Time

Researchers at Marketing Experiments conducted a test recently to see how emails featuring multiple offers performed against emails that only featured one offer.

Their results were surprising for some. Their tests revealed a 464% better response rate to the email with just one offer.

What does that mean for you? If you’ve been trying to get more mileage out of your emails by putting offers for multiple insurance products or services in every one, it’s worth your time to test the results of an email that only features one offer.

Does that mean you should put your free Starbucks cards, insurance quotes and e-newsletter invites in storage? Not exactly. Your offers may still have appeal for your leads… but they might pack more of a punch if you deliver them one at a time.

Zero-In On Your Target Audience

Try improving the response rate of your email campaigns by "targeting" your offers. That means you should select both the offer and the audience carefully. For example, if you’re inviting your health leads to get a free insurance quote, make sure your current customers aren’t on that list. Instead, send your list of clients an offer that appeals only to them – perhaps a free "rate check up" quote during renewal time.

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