How To Nurture Insurance Leads With Email

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Not every insurance lead results in an immediate sale. You’ll often come across a cautious buyer who takes his or her time and doesn’t rush into buying.

The biggest mistake some agents make is chucking it off and not taking the time to nurture the lead.

You don’t need to spend as much time as you think chasing after your more challenging leads. Here are three simple steps to help you close on even the most cautious prospects:


It all begins with the first call. Let them know you are there to help. If they’re sensitive to sales pressure, shower them with information and reassure them that you’re available for them whenever they’re ready.


In addition to giving them your contact information, tell them that you’ll touch base with them a few days after your first call. Don’t let too much time pass by, as there’s a good chance they may come to a buying decision within a week of getting enough information.

When you call, make sure it’s not just to pester them on whether they’re ready to sign. Prepare informative articles, news and updated quotes to give them as value-added incentives. Then ask them for the sale or when they plan to decide.

Establish a friendly relationship with your prospect through calls and emails. If they still haven’t decided after two or three weeks – and it doesn’t look like they’ll decide right away – don’t give up. Use a long-term marketing tactic such as the Broker Office Email Autoresponder to effortlessly continue your sales effort.

Email autoresponders

The Broker Office Autoresponder is one of the best ways to nurture your prospect and stay fresh in their minds. Here’s why:

  • It keeps you in their mind.

    Like most people, your prospects are busy, lose phone numbers or forget their agent’s contact info. You don’t want to get lost in the shuffle. Marketing emails regularly remind your prospects to think of you. And your current quotes can be viewed at your prospect’s convenience.

  • Convenient.

    You don’t have to sacrifice an entire day following a hesitant prospect. Just set up the autoresponder and your prospect will receive regularly scheduled emails from you.

  • Customizable.

    You can develop a stream of personalized emails to your prospects, offering friendly advice, tips and reminders.

  • Planned.

    You can create a message campaign that emails your prospect according to a timetable you set; and you can change your messages whenever you want.

  • Newsletter.

    Don’t forget to include your prospects in your newsletter distribution list. Informative and educational e-newsletters show your prospects that you look at them as more than a sale.

There’s no reason to chuck off a hesitant prospect, when you can maintain a consistent relationship through Email Autoresponder. By nurturing a relationship with insurance lead prospects, you can turn them into a full client down the line.